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Siblings - February 2015

I was determined to be a bit more timely with linking up to this months Siblings linky after leaving it all far too last minute for January so when the 3 kids hopped into bed with me this Sunday morning, it was a case of quickly grabbing the camera for a photo.
Why oh why is it so tricky to get a decent pic of the three of them together - J was moaning the flash was too bright!

I love this one of D and Miss T - even though its blurry it still captures the magic in the moment.

dear beautiful


  1. Ha, my post last month was an emergency bed session :) I love the smiley faces and the interactions. It really is impossible to get all three looking at the same time though, isn't it!

    1. i know - that's why im determined to keep trying! Hopefully will get one good photo of them in the year if i try each month. x

  2. Lovely photo's of happy children :)

  3. They are lovely pictures. And I just wanted to say as well, having read your post about arthritis, that they are indeed brave lovely kids. Children are so much more resilient than their parents, and I know how tough it is to watch them suffer. Good luck getting everything sorted for them x


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