> The Beesley Buzz: Moshi Monsters: The Movie - The must-see movie for Moshi fans!

Moshi Monsters: The Movie - The must-see movie for Moshi fans!

Meeting Mr Moshi - our all time hero!
After our amazing few days in Copenhagen (which D has managed to blog about but we haven't found time to yet) we found ourselves at another exciting event - a preview screening of Moshi Monsters: The Movie in London's West End.

Having had an impromptu stay overnight at Novotel Heathrow (the taxi due to bring us home didn't bring Miss T's car seat to get home with), we had to rummage through our suitcases to find any clothes that could get a second wear. The boys were gutted not to be able to wear one of their many Moshi tops and Miss T didn't get to wear her little Poppet dress that she had worn to our trip to Moshi HQ, but they all understood that it was far more important to be able to get to the movie screening rather than get home to get their Moshi tops.

As usual Moshi had pulled out all the stops with food, fun and face paints. The boys arrived to a photo opportunity with their all time biggest hero, Mr Moshi!
There was a fantastic spread of foodie treats from pastries to cupcakes to cookies to fruit pots. Having had a big breakfast at the hotel, we were a bit full to enjoy the lovely food, but D managed a candy floss and we all got to taste the fabulously unusual flavours of Moshlings Magic Water. 
Toffee Apple Delight and Banana Surprise Moshlings Magic Water

It's so tricky to write a film review without giving away any spoilers but we'll try:

It had everything that a good film should have; An arch villain, an adventure, a hero or two, and some very catchy songs. We were delighted to see some of our favourite songs from the Moshi Music Rox album appearing in the movie.

The movie was also packed full of Moshlings, had appearances from a few other familiar faces from Monstro City like Roary Scrawl and Buster Bumblechops and of course, the much loved monsters themselves - none other than the karate-chopping Katsuma, pretty pink Poppet, fabulous Furi, devilishly hot Diavlo, ludicrously lovely Luvli, and zany Zommer!

Our kids loved the film. It is rated a U so is suitable for all ages. Before the start of the film, Mr Moshi took the stage to introduce the film and explained how the film was very much a UK effort. As with everything that Moshi turn their hand to, we just sense the passion, excitement and efforts of those behind it and that's something they should really be proud of.

Mr Moshi and his Mind Candy team should be truly proud of what they've acheived
Whilst the kids were excited at seeing the movie, I got excited to bump into a few blogger friends; a brief hello to Steph from Steph's two girls and Monika from Mum on the Brink, then a quick chat with Helen from Kiddicharts and Mum of Three Boys - the three muskateers, and it was great to meet the adorable Grace and her mum Victoria from Vevivos. 
Victoria and Grace who blog at Vevivos
Other special guests there on the day were Mr Moshi's mum, his niece Gracie, who pink ice skating moshling Gracie was named after (how cool is that!) and the real McNulty who the Moshling McNulty was based on. Last time Miss T got to see McNulty she was just a bump in my belly.

Meeting the real McNulty
Miss T also got to meet her two favourite Monsters, Poppet and Katsuma.
My favourite monsters: Poppet and Katsuma
And of course, she got to meet Mr Moshi too.
Miss T meets Mr Moshi
Not content with just meeting Mr Moshi, we also spotted ourselves unexpectedly appear in this video on The Daily Growl yesterday (at 1 min 29 secs through the video to be precise).
 And if that's not enough to whet your appetite, here's the official movie trailer for the film:

When we finally arrived home on Sunday evening after a long and exciting weekend, there was one last Moshi treat in store for the kids...Well it was 1st December after all...
Moshi Monsters: The Movie is released in cinemas on 20th December 2013. If you are a Moshi fan - make sure you go to see it!
Disclosure: As official Moshi bloggers we were invited to this fabulous event free of charge. No payment was received for writing this post and all opinions are our own.

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