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Makie Doll - part 2 - it arrives!

D was asked to review a makie doll on his blog but we thought it would be good to share his video review here too. A few weeks ago he was sent a Makie's gift card which arrives in a gift box and you scratch off the code and design your own doll either using the Makies app or on the Makie website.

The Makie dolls are a new unique concept in dolls as you design your own choosing their features, hair colour and style, eye colour, clothing and so on and it is then 3D printed to your specified design.

So the Makie doll arrived and here's what D thought:

The dolls are 10" tall (i.e. action doll size) and are poseable as they have moveable ball-shaped joints. Just a little word of caution - some of the parts are designed to be removeable (e.g. the feet) and D managed to lose a foot! Thankfully the lovely people at Makies very speedily sent a new pair of feet out to him (and they are also available to buy if you have a similar disaster) but just wanted parents everywhere to be aware so that they don't accidentally suck up any feet when they are vacuuming.

Additional accessories and clothing are also available from the Makies website. D took a look at the shoes and he also spotted a snowboard which he thought would be quite cool!

The other items he thought should be available are guitars (as he did spot one somewhere but then couldn't see it in the accessories shop) and also gloves in case the weather gets cold. There is actually a Makies forum too where suggestions like these can be made.

D is really pleased with his new doll!

Disclosure: We were sent the Makies gift card and doll for the purposes of review. There was an additional cost for postage of the doll. All opinions are our own. 

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