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Christmas 2019

Uh oh! We're nearly into February and I haven't got our Christmas 2019 blogpost up yet! I seem to remember a similar thing happening last year when it took me until February to write up Christmas 2018.

We had another low key Christmas which is just the way I like it. But we started the day a bit differently to normal.

Miss T woke up early as usual and came into our bedroom to open stockings...
But then we headed off to Whitstable for J to take part in a Christmas day Parkrun. You can read more about how J got into ParkRun here. He's desperate to one day do the Bushy Christmas day ParkRun because that is where it all began but we thought that would be a bit too much travelling so we stuck to Whiststable which is just over an hour away from us.

Many of the Park Runs that are more local to us have been suffering from recent flooding so we felt confident that Whitstable wouldn't get cancelled being on the beach promenade rather than flooded muddy fields.

I thought it was a great way to start the day as we got to see the sunrise over the motorway on Christmas morning. Having grown up by the sea I love seeing the sea so that was fab for me to visit the coast on Christmas day.  

Then we headed home and had a late breakfast / brunch of those pain au chocolats that you pop open and bake. Followed by Christmas lunch. We'd prepped a lot of the veg on Christmas eve so it was easier than usual.

We staggered present opening throughout the day...

This Christmas ornament was a charity shop find - just £1 and it has Bath written on it which is where me and Richard first met all those years ago at Uni.

Miss T was thrilled with her beautiful letter T from M&H designs boutique. This was a prize I won on Instagram a few months back so I hid it away for Christmas and I just knew Miss T would love it.
 D was really delighted with his canvas print of our cat Star.
And Miss T has been asking for Safari Pug since last Christmas after receiving the other 2 books in the series previously.

Granny and Grandad came to visit in the afternoon. 

And as for my present, I always tell my family that all I want for Christmas is to get one family photo of us all together and it always proves a lot tougher than it sounds. But we just about managed it!

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