> The Beesley Buzz: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm": Aquabeads Despicable Me Minions Playset Review

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm": Aquabeads Despicable Me Minions Playset Review

Enthusiasm was definitely the right word to capture the mood when the latest Aquabeader assignment came through for Miss T; to review the Aquabeads Despicable Me Minions Playset. Aquabeads are clever little colourful beads that stick together with nothing but water once they've been arranged into a design.

Miss T ADORES Minions and she ADORES Aquabeads -  so the two combined! Wow!

We've spoken before about how we love the new innovations that the Aquabeads playsets have. Each new set seems to have evolved in some way with an improvement. This time there was a new design of sprayer (which works amazingly well! - more about that later) and a 'Bead Peeler' which is designed to scrape the beads off sooner rather than waiting for them to dry completely so that you can get back to using the table tray to make more Aquabeads minions designs even sooner.

Also in this set was the main yellow palette for storing the 700 beads included (the table tray cleverly clips on top when the set is not in use to keep the beads safe) and 2 template sheets. With designs printed on both sides, this actually gives 4 different design options. 

Miss T set to work straight away. I love seeing her independence grow. Although she has loved Aquabeads for ages, she would often need someone to help her considerably but this time she was off busily working on her design by herself.

After a while she dug out the bead pen from one of her other aquabeads sets as she found it easier to place the beads using the pen rather than her fingers. The pen is not included in this set but you can buy it separately if you need one.

Then it was time to spray water onto her design using the sprayer. The spray bottle was different from the previous ones we have had in other playsets. This time it is more of a proper spray that comes out using a pump spray mechanism rather than a squirt of water like the previous sprayers.

Because the water came out in a finer mist, the beads didn't get super-soaked through so were quicker to dry and turned out shinier looking. We tried the Bead Peeler after 10 minutes but I think we are going to need a little bit more practice with it. As we weren't in a hurry to do another design, we left the Minion and his banana on the table tray to dry. 

Aquabeads are a pretty mess-free way to play but with the new sprayer, the table tray ended up without any bead residue left in it making it ready to play again next time (previously I would give them a good wash to get any residue from the wet beads off).

Needless to say Miss T was thrilled with the minion she had made - Kevin I think it is (she would know but isn't here as I write this) and the cute little banana. After all you can't have minions without Ba-na-naaas.

This is a super Aquabeads set that would make a great gift for minions fans. Or Aquabeads fans. Or both.

You can buy the Aquabeads Despicable Me Minions Playset here.

Proud to be Aquabeaders:

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  1. Oh wow, T did a really good job with the Minions, what a great activity.


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