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Mauritius Memories: Saturday 19th August 2017

How's this for 'world's worst blogger' - I'm STILL writing up my holiday blogposts from August!!! To make matters worse, the words are all my notes made at the time and the photos are all sat on the computer in a folder ready to sort through so it's just a case of matching the two up and hitting publish and still everything else keeps getting between me and my blogging...Here's Saturday 19th August as written up on the day...

Getting close to home time. Starting to feel that end of holiday nostalgia. 

Wanting to take a zillion photos to help preserve the memories. 

We've had largely hot sunny weather today with just a big downpour in the afternoon. 

I took the kids to play tennis this morning whilst we awaited news of D. Happily he was discharged from hospital after the multiple xrays and the CT scan were clear. He spent the night on a drip and on pain relief and it sounds like he was well looked after. 

By mid-morning he was back. 

We went to visit the horses after lunch and then a spot of swimming for me and Miss T whilst the boys went kayaking. 

Finally for the first time this holiday me and Richard got to spend half an hour without the kids by heading to the spa whilst granny took D and Miss T to turtle club.

The spa was the busiest I've seen it so it wasn't particularly relaxing today. 

When we got back and found that the kids weren't back yet, we took the opportunity to watch the sunset. The sunsets are stunning here but seem to happen so quickly that it's easy to miss. 

We headed to the Jetty and the water was so shallow and clear this evening that we could see fish!

We rushed back to get D and Miss T to come and see the fish too. It was getting dark by now but we saw several lion fish as well as a beautiful one that appeared to change colour to camouflage with the seaweed and rocks and then turn back to shimmery blue against the water. Incredible!

We really enjoyed the amazing choices at dinner time this evening. I still find myself in awe of just how much effort must go into meal prep and the heroes working hard behind the scenes to make it happen. 

The day flew by again.  

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