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Miitopia Review for Nintendo 3DS family systems

As a big fan of Tomodachi life which uses Mii's that you create to play the game, J was desperate to get Miitopia which also uses Mii's. You can read all about what Mii's are here in case you're not familiar with them. And out review of Tomodachi Life can be found here

In fact, J was so desperate to get the game, that he wrote to our contact at Nintendo telling her just how much he loves Tomodachi Life and how he desperately wants Miitopia and they very kindly sent him the a download code. Massive thanks to them for that. As it happens, D also wanted it, so we actually ended up buying it as well - that's how much a fan of Nintendo games we are in this family! 

Thirteen year old J wanted to write up his thoughts:

I got Miitopia a week after it was launched. Miitopia is the sequel to Tomodachi Life, which I have played for 283 hours.

You start Miitopia as a traveller, where you enter Greenhorne. You get told how the Dark Lord has taken people's faces. Then you have to choose a job. At the beginning there are six jobs available, but you unlock more further through the game. I chose to be a warrior at the beginning. As well as choosing your companions, you get to choose everybody else in the game. You get to choose the Dark Lord, the King, the Great Sage, the Princess, the Genie of the Lamp, and many, many more!

You can use food to improve the stats of your Mii fighters. You can improve HP, MP, attack, magic, defence, and speed. You can also put your Miis in rooms to increase their friendship levels. Then your Miis learn skills together, called assists. The highest friendship level that I have in my team is 68. 

This game is very fun, but I have calculated that to do everything I want to do on the game, it would take me 100 years! I would recommend making a lot of Mii characters before starting, as you have to put in many people. I aim to spend at least 283 hours on this game. 

Sounds like J loves this game!

Although J hasn't yet used Amiibo's, as he's just having too much fun playing it with Mii characters that he's created of his teachers, friends and family as they are, Ninendo have told us that you can:

  • Use amiibo to dress for success with a range of costumes and unlock special new outfits for your Mii characters!
  • Dress your crew up as your favourite Nintendo characters and save the world in style.
  • Certain amiibo will grant a new costume for your heroes, while all other currently available amiibo will grant game tickets, allowing heroes to take on mini-­‐games to earn more gold, or improve the relationship between your Mii characters. 


  1. Ah yes, we have three copies of Miitopia, my kids are big fans and they each had a copy for their birthdays. The Little Man had his very first 2DS for his birthday too, with the new one coming out, you can get the original ones for a bargain price. :) I love J's review it's very good. xx

    1. oh bless him - bet he loves it! Miss T is a real gamer too following in the footsteps of her older siblings. x


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