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I'm a tumble-dryer convert!

The conversation went something like this. AEG: Would you like to review a tumble dryer in conjunction with Mumsnet Bloggers? Me: No thanks, I don't like tumble dryers. They are not environmentally friendly and cost too much to run. AEG: The Lavatherm T88595IS uses less electricity hour for hour than a television. Me: Whaaaat?!!! Oh in that case - YES PLEASE!

Several years ago, we did for a short while, own a tumble dryer. It was a faff to use and had one of those long hoses that you had to put outdoors whilst in use. I ended up rarely using it and preferred to use the rotary airer outside in the summer and several clothes horses lined up in my bedroom in autumn and winter.

Like many people, we believed that tumble dryers were inefficient, expensive to run and not great for the environment. Not so with this one! Being A++ rated it is efficient, low in running costs and a darn sight better for the environment that me having to whack the heating on to dry clothes and keep windows open to let out the damp air.

It has literally transformed our wash-life. Before the arrival of this wonderful life-changing product, the AEG dryer, I had to plan when to put the washing on - taking into account the weather, amount of indoor drying space, and whether it was morning or evening (I didn't want damp clothes in the bedroom through the night).

Now I can wash clothes whenever I wish to and dry them whenever I wish to.

I LOVE the light that comes on to light up the massive drum when the machine is switched on. That feature is much needed for us as we have housed the tumble-dryer in a large built-in storage cupboard. We had the area checked by an AEG approved appliance engineer who confirmed that it would be safe as long as the cupboard door was left open when dryer was in use. But it is dark in there so the light in the dryer has been immensely helpful when loading and unloading the dryer.

The lack of light in the cupboard helps explain the photo quality too I'm afraid. The dryer itself actually looks great and if we had space for it elsewhere I would proudly have it in the kitchen visible to all.

Another cool thing was that we were able to change the way the door opens to make it much easier to use where it was positioned - spot the difference, see...

It is a condensing style dryer so no long awkward hoses. Simply pull out the water container which is housed within the dryer (it looks like the part on a washing machine where the detergent goes) and empties out after use. So simple!

The fluff-gatherer (the part that collects the lint from clothes) is also exceptionally easy to use. Simply pull out and empty after each use. It has been really well designed because it double-houses the lint so it is enclosed within two layers of mesh as you remove the cage from the dryer so no loose bits of fluff falling all over the place as we've experienced with other dryers in the past.

It arrived with a bottle of distilled water which can be used to inject steam into the drier for the crease-guard setting, Very impressive. Anything that helps reduce my ironing pile is welcomed with open arms in this household.

Having started out as an anti-dryer kind of person, I am a total tumble-dryer convert. I don't think I could live without it now!

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  1. I love my tumble dryer. I never had room for one in my old house so had one of those small ones with a hose and it caused all sorts of problems. Now I have a condenser dryer not much unlike yours. I only use it when I have to but it holds so much washing it's great for wash days.


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