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My cushion dilemma

Evans Lichfield, the British family-run home furnishings business that has been going since 1988, got in touch recently to ask if we'd like to review one of their cushions. They work with a host of in-house artists as well as British artists to create their designs, with a wide range of products available including cushions, canvas wall-art and fabric-by-the-metre.

Looking at their website, I was totally spoilt for choice. I adored the Becky Brown designs in one of their new ranges. I thought the Sally Swannell range was also gorgeous. In the end I opted for a classic design of cushion that I've always wanted - The Union Jack. 

So my first dilemma was choosing a cushion from such an incredible range. And now for the second dilemma. Where would the cushion go in my home.

I've disliked the style of our sofa ever since we got it but as it is a specialist back pain sofa from specialist Back pain store Back in Action we've had to choose practicality over style for the sake of our backs. Thankfully it has helped so it's proved to be a worthwhile decision. 

So this Evans Lichfield cushion could be used to add a little je ne sais quoi to an otherwise dull and ugly sofa?  

Or it would make a great addition to Miss T's bedtime story chair where we snuggle up for stories each evening?

Or it could be an extra cushion to add a splash of character to our bedding?

Three locations all worthy of a new cushion. Which will it be? I haven't quite decided to be honest. But I have to say just how pleased I am with the cushion. Not only is the Union Jack flag an iconic and striking design but the actual quality of the cushion is great. 

The flag part is made of a woven cotton fabric so you can feel the actual texture of it giving it a really high quality feel. Inside a label reminds you of care instructions which is important for us as the kids can make things grubby and I often forget whether something is washable or not. This one is dry clean only but there are many cushions from Evans Lichfield where the covers are washable. The great thing is that this information is available on their website so you can check before you buy. 

I also love how it comes as a complete cushion with the actual stuffed bit of cushion inside the cover. I've been caught out before buying cushion covers and then not being able to find a properly fitting inside cushion for them. 

It always feels nice to treat your home to a new touch like a cushion to give a room a little lift without the expense or trouble of a full room makeover. Cushions like the Evans Lichfield ranges with a choice of artwork, patterns and styles, also make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas and special occcasion days e.g. mothers / fathers day where you can lovingly and thoughtfully choose a cushion to match the themes that the recipient is into.

Whilst the cushions are not available to buy directly from the Evans Lichfield website, there is a stockist page where you can find your nearest stockist. Alternatively, I have spotted some of their cushions available on Amazon. 

If you wish to find out more about Evans Lichfield and their gorgeous range of cushions you can find their website here. You can also find them on facebook and twitter

Disclosure: We were sent a cushion from Evans Lichfield for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own.


  1. I do love your cushion and it certainly brightens the place up wherever you put. I can see your dilemma because I can't decide either.


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