> The Beesley Buzz: A whirlwind weekend in London - I love it when a plan comes together!

A whirlwind weekend in London - I love it when a plan comes together!

To say our weekend was hectic is an understatement...it was a totally epic and crazy busy weekend but was also tons of fun...

Saturday started out the usual way with homework and drama class for Miss T and D. Then we hopped on the train to London as we had a date with the stars of the new Angry Birds movie which is due for release at the cinema on 13th May. We met Red, Chuck and Bomb at Madame Toussauds on the opening day of their new Angry Birds exhibit. 

This was a totally cool interactive feature and we will be writing up more about it soon! 

We also mingled with Posh & Becks whilst we were there....

And hung out with Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk...

The Star Wars section was a massive hit with our 4 year old Star Wars fan Miss T

Madame Tussauds turned out to be just the beginning of what was to come on Sunday. We headed to our hotel Novotel Paddington for dinner and a swim before getting a good nights rest.

Worthy of a mention was the meal that we had there. I didn't have high hopes for what could easily have been poor quality food but we impressed and really enjoyed the Novotel burgers we had. The beds were super comfy and breakfast was great. They just need to look at their family offering in terms of better meeting the needs of families with more than 2 children as we had to book 2 rooms once again and the rooms were situated on totally different floors of the hotel!

On Sunday morning we headed off to the BFI for a preview screening of the Angry Birds movie. We had only found out about this a couple of days before when I received an email from LittleBird telling me I had won family tickets to the screening. Incredibly an appointment I had on Sunday had been cancelled just a day or so before that - so it was perfect timing. That's when we decided to make a weekend of it and make it an overnight stay.

Because of Miss T's difficulties with walking and the vast majority of tube stations not being wheelchair accessible, we grabbed a taxi between places and so we arrived early at the BFI with plenty of time to have a drink at Benugo Bar & Kitchen before the film started.

The home-made lemonade was truly incredible!!! Our Brilliant Chef said it was the best he had ever tasted.

After the film, it was time to head across to the Disney store on Oxford street where we had been invited to find out more about Marvel Universe Live which is a mega-exciting show coming to the UK soon.

We got to meet some of the actors who play the superheroes in the show for a Q&A session and even got to learn some moves from Spiderman.

We'll be writing up more about our special Marvel afternoon soon too so look out for that. The Disney store itself is also amazing. We ended with a little shopping spree there. 

So a really brilliant, busy whirlwind of a weekend where everything seemed to tie-in together perfectly! 

Look out for our posts about Madame Tussauds and Marvel Universe Live coming soon with special info about a competition!!!


  1. Is the film any good? Middle Man is desperate to see it - I'm thinking wait til it goes on to kids am?

    1. The kids LOVED it! For me personally the first half felt a bit slow but really enjoyed the second half when the pace picked up more. x

  2. Wow what a busy weekend, it sounds like you had loads of fun. I really wish hotels catered for more than 2 children though, it really puts me off.Can't wait to read your other posts x

    1. I think it is a missed opportunity really as so many families don't fit into the '2 adults 2 kids' box. Some hotels are really good about letting us all stay together even if the room is officially for 4 but Novotel insist on booking a second room which is annoying. Overall a fabulous weekend and I am glad we made a proper weekend out of it by staying over to reduce the stress of travelling to and fro. x

  3. I must take Max to Madam Toussauds soon, I think he'd love it too.

    As for Marvel Live show - we have tickets to see this in London in September, the tickets were sold so fast on line! But we've got rather good seats so I'm rather excited myself!!

    1. sounds amazing! I am sure you will totally love it so much! x

    2. oh and madame tussauds is great too as there really is something for everyone there. x


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