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Pink Lining Unboxing!

We've made unboxing videos before, but it always seems to be for the kids. So why should they have all the fun when it comes to unboxing? I decided to make my own unboxing video when a special parcel from Pink Lining arrived through the post:

As you can see from Miss T's antics on the video, the kids still make sure they get a look in!

The latest copy of the new 'The Pink Lining Papers' was in the parcel too which was a nice little surprise. It made a refreshing change to actually receive something on paper rather than just be referred online to a website or blog as it meant I got the chance to sit down and have a read.

But it wasn't long before this happened:

Miss T pinched it from me and started picking out her favourite bags from the Pink Lining Autumn  2015 collection.

It definitely wasn't just a sales brochure - it actually had some interesting little articles and tips and gave a little peak into the lives of those behind the Pink Lining brand.

One thing particularly caught my eye in the photo of the piece about making your own table decorations...
...and it has made me hope and wish that Pink Lining actually do diversify into table coverings - Wouldn't that just be awesome? I know I'd be first in line to buy one if they did!

I actually received this bag and made my unboxing video a few weeks ago before we headed off on holidays so in my future posts you'll be able to see just what these penguins got up to around the world on their travels!

Thank you Pink Lining for sending me such a gorgeous Penguin Love Notting Hill Tote bag in our role as Pink Lining Ambassadors.


  1. Lovely bag. I do love an unboxing video, and how gorgeous is Miss T!

    1. thanks Rachael. Yes she was so funny that day. x


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