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Getting Crafty with Yoshi's Woolly World

To celebrate the release of Yoshi's Woolly World for Wii U last week, Nintendo sent us a fabulous craft pack along with an adorably cute KNITTED Yoshi Amiibo.

I think we are going to struggle to use it as an Amiibo as Miss T seems to think it is just a cute pink cuddly toy for her.

The boys loved the cool box that their craft goodies arrived in as it could be coloured in. And because of the grey shading already printed on the box, their colourings took on a brilliant woolly effect and looked great.

Here's a pic of one of D's creations from instagram:
A photo posted by Rebecca Beesley (@rebeccabeesley) on
Even mum had a go at getting a little creative with the craft stuff.

We've got really excited about Yoshi's Woolly World as the boys had seen it advertised and so have been getting to grips with the game and we will review it soon....Once we've persuaded Miss T to let us use the woolly Yoshi as an amiibo again!

You can find out more about the game and see a trailer for it here. Warning - there are lots of cute woolly Yoshi amiibos to be seen.

Thanks Nintendo for the fab craft pack. We'll let you know how we get on with the game soon.


  1. What a great craft kit, everyone's made some lovely pieces. I think I saw a trailer for Yoshi's Wooly world and remember thinking it's something Max will probably enjoy as he's started to get into Mario world and Mario Karts now ;)

    1. the graphics on the game are sooo cute with everything in wool so even i love watching the kids play it. Miss T enjoys it although i'm not sure she fully understands what she is doing. x


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