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My cheeky monkey: A healthier option for happy hydration with Vita Coco Kids

My cheeky monkey received a very special delivery today...

It was a case of her most favourite drink ever... She recognised it instantly because of the 'cheeky monkey'.
And we had gasps of 'wow'. 'my favourite' as she opened the box and took a look inside...

We became big fans of Vita Coco Kids drinks last summer when we discovered that they were so refreshing on a summer's day and they tasted great too (and not just for kids - I regularly pack one in my packed lunch too). Miss T loves the fun packaging often asking for a 'cheeky monkey' drink or a 'coconut' which we've realised means that she wants a Vita Coco Kids drink rather than an actual coconut.

We've always been careful to encourage the kids to drink water and milk as their main drinks. They are occasionally allowed a fruit juice when eating out or a cup of squash when friends visit. I've previously thought smoothies to be a healthy option too but recently my eyes have been opened to just how much sugar is in various food and drinks.

We watched The Truth about Sugar on TV last week and it made me realise things that I had previously considered to be harmless and totally 'healthy' such as fruit juice, can actually contribute to us having a much higher intake of sugar than we should.

I was left a bit confused about what to do because there are times that you need to pack a drink in kids packed lunches and I want to opt for a healthy option. Both J and D take a packed lunch to school for a couple of days each week and each time we have a hospital visit for Miss T's arthritis I need to take a packed lunch for her as we never know how many hours we'll be spending at the hospital.

Thankfully, I feel a lot happier since seeing the 'Sugar Maze' - a handy chart designed by nutritionist Amanda Hamilton for Vita Coco kids.

It has really helped to reassure me that water and milk are the best options alongside Vita Coco Kids drinks which are another healthier alternative that can be included in packed lunches. I also feel more confident about knowing what drinks are ok as occasional treats such as fruit juice and flavoured milk. And to avoid things like 'fruit juice drinks' which are often deceptively similar to pure fruit juice in terms of packaging but actually contain little real juice and lots of added sugar.

So here it is for you to see too....I hope it helps you navigate the world of happy and healthy hydration for your kids....

There are a couple of really fab tips on there too that we'll be doing like freezing cartons of Vita Coco kids to use as lower sugar 'ice lollies' in summer. We could also make our own homemade smoothies as a healthier option to shop-bought ones.

Vita Coco Kids drinks come is two truly delicious flavours. My favourite is the Mango & Pineapple, whilst Miss T adores the Apple & Blackcurrant flavour. Vita Coco Kids is coconut water from young green coconuts (never from concentrate) and is blended with natural fruit flavourings and water with no added colourings or preservatives.

Vita Coco sent us a sample pack of their Vita Coco kids drinks. All opinions are our own and we have long been fans of the great taste of Vita Coco kids!

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