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Miss T at 32 months

Just a very quick Miss T update this month. I should have really made it Christmas themed as she is REALLY looking forward to Christmas - She tried to convince us it's Christmas everyday at the moment saying 'it's Christmas now!'

This month she's started saying 'thank' instead of 'thank you'. She's been saying 'thank you' for ages but must have heard us saying thanks but she says it without the 'S' at the end so it ends up being 'thank'.
She seems to have discovered that she enjoys playing with the train track and does rather like Thomas. We kept this train track from when the boys were younger and she enjoys playing with it a lot. She also gets very excited about wearing her Thomas pyjamas (another hand-me-down from her big brothers).

We've had to start to keep an eye on the snacks she's eating a lot more closely and I've had to hide the crisps and mini cheddars. She had found the cupboard where they were kept and would regularly ask to have a pack for a snack. Now she's moved onto having a whole apple for a snack (she asks for the 'whole packet' meaning the whole apple rather than sliced).

She has REALLY got into watching The Moshi Movie. Admittedly it is a great film for moshi fans but even J who is totally moshi obsessed has been known to get fed up with it when Miss T puts on the DVD for the 5th time each day!

She has a couple of Christmas parties coming up this week so it will be interesting to see how she finds them. Last year and the year before she wasn't old enough to really understand and appreciate Christmas fully so this year will be a really special year.

This was her update from last Christmas and I don't seem to have done one the year before as she was quite young then.


  1. Looking as beautiful as ever. It's such a magical time when they start to get what Christmas is, you'll have a very excited little girl on Christmas day for sure. x

    1. She is so excited already - I don't know how she'll manage to cope with the excitement on Christmas day! x

  2. She is such a cutie! My kids also wish is Christmas everyday. They just want presents. Lol wish you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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