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Miss T at 27 months and 28 months

Having missed Miss T's 27 month update last month, I'm doing a bit of a combined update for 27 months and 28 months as I did keep some notes so will split it into what she was doing then and what she has started doing more recently.

27 Months
  • So many more words now. When it is time for dinner she calls out to her brothers "boys...ninner". 
  • She still LOVES to cook and whenever we make gingerbread men, she calls them 'snowman'. She even calls the gingerbread man in her storybook a snowman. Hopefully we will get snow next winter so she can build a real snowman.
  • Another combined word she has made up (like her 'grandog' meaning granny and grandad's dog) is 'Moreberries' meaning she wants 'more strawberries'.
  • Whenever we go somewhere she enjoys, she immediately asks 'again' so we explain that we have to come back another day, to which she replies 'morrow' (tomorrow), and we say, perhaps not tomorrow but soon. So she asks hopefully 'Tuesday?' as that was the first day of the week she learnt. 
  • She since learnt 'Thursday' too as that is her day for 'Dog Club' (visiting Grandog).
  • We've really been enjoying some special time together - like our special day out at what has become one of my most favourite places

28 months
  • More recently she has started to call her beloved cuddlies Hoppy and Patch 'H' and 'P' which is what we sometimes call them for short. 
  • Her 'yeah' has become a definite 'Yes' with a very clear 's' at the end.
  • She has started to recognise the term 'me' - whereas before she would use the word 'you' instead of 'me' (eg she would say 'Daddy lift you' meaning 'daddy lift me'). And we've heard her use the word 'mine' instead of her name, so she says 'that's mine'. 
  • She says a cute 'buh bye' whenever she leaves the room - even if you are going with her!
  • She remains adorably cute but increasingly bossy!
  • And her favourite programme on TV by far is Something Special and she will tell us how she 'loves Justin'. She's also fond of Mr Maker and watching 'I can Cook' too. 
Oh and did I mention that she still loves chocolate...lots.

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