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Britmums book review: The Judas Scar, by Amanda Jennings

Reviewed by Richard Beesley.

If you've read any of my other book reviews you will know that I love a good thriller. Well, The Judas Scar is a good thriller. A very good thriller, in fact.

In this thoughtfully and beautifully written book, Amanda Jennings provides a taut story, with ample tension, stress, and uncertainty with a good dose of fear, anxiety and paranoia thrown in. A gripping yet haunting read, and a real page-turner.

We are introduced to Will and Harmony, and gradually learn about the dark corners of their pasts. Of the hurts, the pain and the loss that made them who they are. Secrets they have kept from each other, and from themselves. When an old school friend of Will's arrives on the scene, we discover about events from 25 years ago that shaped the two boys. The lives of the three characters intertwine, woven together with deception, lies and guilt.

As events unfold, the true depth of desire, betrayal and revenge is played out with terrifying implications. 

This is a very cleverly written book, where the true extent of the actions of each character are kept well hidden until we need to know more. The descriptions are well thought through and, whilst there is a deliberate lack of graphic details in some of the more horrific scenes,  there is plenty for your mind to use to build a full picture.  

The backgrounds and motives of each of the characters are wonderfully developed, helping us to understand what drives them on. I won't say any more about them for fear of spoiling the plot, but of all the characters there is only one who I did not feel any sorrow for at the end, as all the others have some redeeming features or a past that robbed them of their innocence through no fault of their own. 

If you enjoy a good read,  like a decent thriller, and love delving into another world just around the corner, then this is a book for you.

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Disclosure: I was sent this book through the BritMums book club to review. All opinions are our own.


  1. Hi, another great review! Don't forget to pass it on for the old folks to read, good post-op distraction??

  2. Ooh this sounds exactly my cup of tea. I shall have to add it to my kindle

    1. Richard really enjoyed it and read through it so quickly! x

  3. I was interested to read a review by someone who is already keen on thrillers. You make a very good point about the lack of graphic detail helping our imaginations get into action.
    If the one you did not empathise with at all is the same as mine, I guess we did not hear that much of his back story. Enjoyed reading your review

    1. thanks. Yes we didn't have much of his back story. thanks for your comment. Richard


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