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These are a few of my favourite things...The Great British Home Style 'Shelfie'

My Mrs Quirky Cool Shelfie
Selfies may be all the rage on social media, but to stop our homes being left out, we now have the 'Shelfie'. So here's mine. It has a few of my favourite things on it - all with their own story to tell. And I've added the words 'Quirky Cool' because it turns out that is my home style after taking Victoria Plumb's Great British Home Style Quiz.

Looking at my shelf of somewhat bizarre yet treasured items, I have to say that 'Quirky Cool' is a pretty accurate description. This was described on the quiz as being like Jess in New Girl - which is also a programme that we do like to watch so that was great.

Here are a few of the stories behind some of the objects that contribute to my 'Quirky Cool' style (Left to Right in photo):

  • Paddington Bear - This tatty little Paddington Bear figure is something from hubby's childhood and he gave it to me when we first met when he found out that I love bears...from Paddington Bear to Pooh Bear to Bear Grylls....Bears are great!

  • Robin Money Box by Laura Lee Designs - If you like 'Quirky' and 'Cool' then Laura Lee Designs is the place to look for some gorgeous items from quirky colourful teapots to stunning hand painted cake-stands, the range is just fab. We actually use our Robin Money Box as a 'Blessings Jar' where the whole family can write little notes of things they are grateful for or that have made them happy each day. 

  • 'Cute' Photoframe - This was a reduced bargain I picked up for less than a pound. And it holds a precious photo. The photo is J's very first photo when he was first born. That moment that life changes forever and instead of just being 'Rebecca' I became 'Mummy'. 

  • TARDIS - Well what more can I say. We love Doctor Who! 

  • Mummy and Baby Glass Swans - D bought me these for my birthday a couple of years ago. He found them in a charity shop when he was out with granny so it was a total surprise. He gave them to me explaining that it represented me and him. As middle child, (and having an older ASD brother who demands a lot of attention at times and a younger sister who needs a lot of care because she is only 2) I often feel he misses out on 1:1 time with me. So these swans act as a reminder to me of just how special he is and how he does also need that special 1:1 time with me. 

  • Russian Dolls - This was a gift from my sister from her travels. But the reason it is so special is that it links back to my childhood. I always loved Russian dolls as a child and we had a family friend who had no children of her own and so had no toys when we visited her. Yet she did have a set of Russian dolls and I was just fascinated by these little figures that nested one inside the other. Her set was actually quite huge with around a dozen dolls and the biggest being pretty big. I've loved them ever since. 

  • Cat 'Calendar' - A gift from Granny - we use this to help us keep track of the days. It is made from a really light wood and is lovely to look at and feel and you expect the blocks to be heavier. The kids help change the date and it is a fun way for them to learn about the days and months. 

  • Home-made bunting - My shelf is edged with some home-made bunting quite simply because I love bunting. Bunting makes any occasion special and can also make any shelf special too!

  • And finally a selection of my quirky mugs - as I don't have any matching mugs - they are a random collection that has built up over the years and I would rather have that than a clinical sterile looking matching set anyday. 

If you want to find out what you Great British Home Style is, you can take the quiz here. I promise it is lots of fun to do and there's even the chance to win £250 of vouchers!

Have fun.

This is my entry into the Tots100/Victoria Plumb Great British Home style shelfie competition. You can find out more about the competition here and you can take the Victoria Plumb Great British Home Quiz here.


  1. Great fun! Living in Ireland I couldn't enter this competition, but was very tempted to write a post anyway as it was such a lovely idea. Maybe I still will...

    1. it was a fun one to take part in. thanks for your comment. xxx


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