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Nuby Flower Child Plate, Bowl and Cutlery review

As I got distracted last time I sat down to write up a Nuby review, here I am to tell you about Nuby's  new style Flower Child range.

The plate and bowl are both aimed at babies from 12 months and over and the cutlery is recommended for toddlers over 18 months.

The pretty packaging and pretty design on the items themselves appealed to T when she first saw the plate, bowl and cutlery set.

She is at the age where she is wanting to be independent with feeding herself and the shallow style of plate and wide design of bowl made it easy for her to be able to see her food and reach into it too.

The cutlery is a nice size for older babies and toddlers as the end of the spoon is around the size of a teaspoon and so holds a good amount of food unlike some smaller spoons that T finds frustrating to use now that she is a little older. Yet the handles are short to help manoeuvrability. The stainless steel ends make it easy to be able to scoop (for the spoon) and plunge (for the fork) into food to successfully pick the food up using the cutlery.

T doesn't yet have the skills to use the knife at all but it was nice having it to use as a lot of her food does need cutting up now that she eats a lot of 'normal' meals (rather than baby food) so it was good to have a dedicated knife for me to use to cut up her food for her.

Both the bowl and plate are dishwasher safe (top rack only) which is always useful. They are both also microwavable (The packaging on the plate was a bit confusing as it warned against using in the microwave - but Nuby have double checked and assured me that the plate IS safe to use in the microwave too).

The plate and bowl design look long-wearing and if they follow the high standard of the previous plates we have had from Nuby then we should be able to get plenty of use out of them. For example, the Monster Plates we reviewed last November are still going strong. Despite being used daily, the pattern has stayed bright and clear on the plates as you can see:

The Nuby Monster plates we have been using daily since last November have stayed looking bright!
Then time for pudding:

The Nuby new style Flower Child Feeding bowl is currently priced at £2.99 from Nuby. The Plate is also 2.99 and the cutlery set is £3.99. As always, please check prices yourself prior to purchase!
Disclosure: We were sent these items free of charge as Nuby bloggers for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own.

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