> The Beesley Buzz: A lot of bottle! (well half-a-million bottles to be precise)

A lot of bottle! (well half-a-million bottles to be precise)

From this design on paper to this bottle
Early this year Black Tower ran a competition to design a new bottle and as I have always loved the Black Tower brand and been fascinated by their split black / white bottle, I decided to have a go!

Much to my amazement and surprise, I received an email telling me I had made it to the final and then shortly after that I received a phonecall telling me that my design had been chosen as the overall winner and was to be made into 500,000 limited edition bottles!

Black Tower's UK marketing agency presenting me with 'my' bottle
Today, I finally got to see my design on a bottle of Black Tower. I found myself totally speechless for several moments when Black Tower's marketing agency visited me at home to present me with 'my' bottle and to take a few photos for their press releases.

Trinity was having her nap and missed all the excitement. Here she is seeing my bottle when she woke up.
Sorry Trin, you'll be sticking to milk bottles a while longer, this bottle is for mummy!
I think the thing that struck me most about the bottle design is just how true to my original design it is! They had told me how much they loved the fact that the design had been hand-drawn, yet I somehow imagined that it would end up somehow totally digitised and looking different... but it didn't.

It even featured my very own handwriting on both the front and the back of the bottle. How incredible is that!

And beneath my 'handwriting', it features my name in print to explain how I had designed the bottle.

A huge thank you to Black Tower and their representatives - I still can't believe it is true. I'll be hanging onto these two bottles and treating them as treasure until I track down some more of them in the supermarket.

Updated to link up with the Highlights of 2013 bloghop on mumsnet as this was something I never expected to happen to me who can't draw!


  1. wow well done and what a great design. Lovely photos xx

  2. Absolutely fab. Congrats to you xxx

  3. Wow, this is amazing! Congratulations and a very merry Christmas to you and your family :) #Mumsnet2013RoundUp

    1. thank you - it came as a total shock as it was just one of those things I entered and never imagined in a million years that my design would get picked. Happy Christmas to you too x

  4. This is fabulous - what a brill achievement!!!


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