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Dating Dress Diary: Your Valentines Day Look with Coast

Coast have challenged bloggers to reveal all about their biggest fashion faux-pas when dressing totally inappropriately for the occasion and then to create a perfect outfit for Valentines day with items from Coast (where I don’t think you could go wrong at all!)

It was New years eve, 31st December 1999. THE biggest night in our lifetimes. The eve of the new millennium. We had been invited to a friends house for a party to see the new year in. Knowing that day to day, I usually lived in something comfy like jeans or tracksuit, our friend had even phoned a few days before to let me know specifically that ‘all the girls were going to make a real effort and dress up for the occasion’.

Of course I had planned to wear something special. I wasn’t just going to turn up in my faded jeans, but what exactly should I wear having been given a specific instruction to make a real effort to dress up. So rather than play it safe with a little black dress, or any dress in fact, I decided to find my most shiny shimmery outfit to really see the new year in in style.

Out came my totally backless sequinned gold top which to look at would probably dazzle your eyes more than looking directly at the sun. Teamed up with a shimmery silky pair of tight trousers and a sparkly handbag I was all set.

We arrived. Said our hellos but as I took off my big winter coat, there were several gasps. I was dressed totally OTT with everyone else dressed rather more ‘conservatively’ wearing a pretty blouse or their smartest pair of trousers and I stuck out like a sore thumb with my backless, VERY glittery sequined top.

Now fast forward 4 years to a heavily pregnant me. (At 5 stone over my normal weight there was no need to worry about wearing backless tops or tight trousers now). A friend phones and suggests I pop over one evening for a coffee with a couple of other friends. A chance for a chat and to take my mind off this last stage of pregnancy.

I had less than a couple of weeks of pregnancy left to go and I just felt huge (I was huge). I was tired. I was fed up. I was about to call and say that I just didn’t feel up to it when another friend stops by and offers me a lift. So there was no backing out. I just went in the clothes I was dressed in. By that stage nothing much fitted so it was a big pair of maternity tracksuit trousers (definitely designed more for comfort than style) and an equally unflattering huge white T-shirt. My shoes didn’t even fit me properly by that point so I just wore a slip on pair of old sandals.

I waddled into my friend’s house. Made my way through to her conservatory to be greeted by around two dozen people all shouting ‘surprise – this is your baby shower party’. It took a moment for it to all sink in. Everyone was there for me. The room had been beautifully decorated with balloons and streamers for a party and there I was – the guest of honour – stood in the frumpiest clothes and the messiest hair and no make-up. Thankfully good friends don’t judge you for how you look and despite being totally inappropriately dressed for the occasion, I had such an amazing time and was given so many lovely gifts for baby’s arrival.

I suppose what I have learned from these experiences is to try to get it right for the occasion. So this would be my ideal Valentine’s day look from Coast:

The Allure Short Dress is just so elegant and not too over-the-top. It is just subtly glamorous and as well as wearing it for a Valentine’s day date, it would also be perfect for my brother-in-laws wedding later in the year to avoid that last minute ‘I have nothing to wear to a wedding’ scenario.

I have chosen black accessories for an evening date which could be switched to cream or gold accessories for the wedding later in the year. That way it would feel like a totally different outfit perfect for the wedding, without having to buy a separate dress. So this black ruffle bag is perfect for storing a little lip gloss and eye liner in to keep me looking my best all through the evening.

The Candy Cluster Earrings and the Candy Cluster Necklace just look amazing. They look like they would reflect the light and shimmer and dazzle slightly, again without looking too OTT.

I have chosen black Tess shoes for my Valentine’s evening out but again this dress would complement many of the other shoes available at Coast like the neutral tone Georgia shoe.

Finish off with a gold Jaquard wrap to keep you cosy on your way home from a perfect evening for which you will have been perfectly dressed for!

I suppose what I have learned from these experiences is to try to get it right for the occasion. So this would be my ideal Valentine’s day look from Coast:

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