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Moshi Bus at Bluewater

The weekend before Christmas. All the Christmas shopping done. All the presents wrapped. Nothing more to do except sit back at relax until Christmas day...right? WRONG! Our boys had heard that the Moshi Bus was going to be at Bluewater shopping centre and they wanted to visit it.

A totally crazy thing to do...to visit a huge shopping centre the weekend before Christmas (especially when you don't actually need to buy anything, yet there we were battling the traffic with two of the worlds biggest Moshi fans feeling very excited.

We queued for ages, but the organisation was great as we were given umbrellas to borrow to keep the rain off, music was playing and the kids were given activity sheets to keep them busy in the queue.

Finally the boys were on the bus and were let loose with their pocket money.

Mr. Moshi arrived and I had printed a copy of some photos to ask him to sign for the boys as extra special Christmas presents.

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