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Musical nails

Last weekend we got to visit my big sister. We don't get to see her that often and she works strange shifts and has been busy moving house so we haven't even been able to catch up by telephone recently.

She isn't online so doesn't do social media and doesn't read our blog. So she had absolutely no idea that it was my design that was picked at the winner of the Black Tower Design Your own bottle competition.

So what happened next was mega cool.

I knew she is a big fan of Black Tower (I think it was her that first introduced me to it as I used to see the bottles of Black Tower in her kitchen whenever we visited) but I didn't realise just how big a fan of Black Tower she was.

She had bought the new bottles as part of her regular shop but having not read the back of the label still had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that it was her little sister (i.e. me) who had designed the new label.

And when she went for her regular nail manicure she had asked the nail technician to make a couple of her nails 'look like the new design of Black Tower'!!!!

She was obviously really pleased to hear that it was me that had designed the bottle but I think I was more pleased to hear that she loved the design so much that she had her nails done to match.

At least I've learnt my lesson to stay in touch with her a bit better in future. Thanks for a lovely weekend sis - we all had a fantastic time.


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