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Its all about YOU - Simpson Travel Ambassador search

Simpson Travel are on the search for family travel ambassadors. And as a family who loves to travel and who places such high value on the treasured time we have together during our family holidays, we wanted to write about exactly what excites and inspires us about Simpson Travel.

I could write about how they have an amazing selection of boutique hotels, villas and apartments. I could write about how their stunning destinations make me giddy – beautiful picturesque places, totally postcard perfect and Instagram-worthy – yet within easy flying distance of the UK making it perfect for travelling with children. I could also tell you about how you can search by holiday type so if you want the perfect place for your honeymoon or an adult-only break, they have a perfect spot for that. Or if you want a villa perfect for a large group, there is a selection of those too.

But instead I’m going to tell you what struck me most about Simpson Travel. And explain why that means so much to us.

At my first glace at the Simpson Travel website I noticed how the focus was different from other travel websites. Often travel providers will boast about their credentials and show off about how great they are. Yet Simpson Travel turn that on it’s head. Sure, they have loads they could boast about but as a family run business who pride themselves on going the extra mile instead of taking shortcuts, what I was most impressed about was that they begin with YOU.

It’s all about finding the perfect holiday for you – and that can be different for each person or family. Simpson Travel recognise that.

Our family holidays are a big important part of our lives and it’s so important to us to get it right. When we’ve tried to get advice in the past when booking a holiday, there is often little time spent listening to and understanding our needs as a family. As so we end up frustrated and disappointed when we find ourselves buried under a pile of holiday brochures with plenty of choice but little input to guide us towards the destinations or accommodation that would most suit our family.

I get the impression that it wouldn’t work like that with Simpson Travel – I was excited to see they have a team of travel specialists who know the locations and accommodation inside out. And they have their overseas team to help you whilst you’re away too. The phone number so readily available on the website was another big sign of encouragement. How many organisations are there these days where you can readily and easily find a phone number and be able to have a chat with them to find the right solution for you.

If you really are stuck on where to begin they have a ‘be inspired’ section and it drills right down to families including handy tips ontravelling with children.

All this tells me this is a company who really understand!
A family of five - we need a holiday that 'fits' 

Five years ago we became a family of five when Miss T was born (2 adults and 3 kids) we found that the already difficult decision of finding the right family holiday became even harder. Time and time again just when we thought we’d found the right holiday we found it was only suitable for a family of 4. We even find with UK hotel stays that we often have to book two separate rooms as generally most places tend to accommodate families of 4. Being in separate rooms is not great for what is supposed to be bonding family time together. Another frustration!
Whether its a beach location...

...or idyllic countryside

So I was very very excited to see that Simpson Travel have Villas and Apartments that can accommodate far more than the usual 4 people. There was plenty of choice of Villas sleeping 5 or 6 and an apartment which can accommodate up to 6. How perfect this would be for our family!

Exploring their website further, I found that some places have an “annex for grandparents” – We’ve holidayed with granny before, so again – perfect.
Miss T and granny on holiday

They have “Villas of all shapes and sizes” and it appears that even some of the hotels are suitable for larger families. Something that is virtually unheard of in our experience. Two of their locations boast creche facilities. We’ve always preferred to spend holiday time together as a whole family but I can definitely see the appeal of a creche option for people with younger kids. 

Where the grown-ups can relax and re-charge too

holidays are for precious bonding time between siblings

And then I saw the sentence “Your family’s perfect fit” and I just wanted to cry. Because that is exactly it when it comes to trying to find a great holiday each year – it is a struggle to find a perfect fit for our family and there never seems to be anyone with sufficient knowledge, experience or willingness to go the extra mile to help us find the right place.

And why is it SO important to us to get it right. After all it is only a short while that you’re away so surely it doesn’t matter if things don’t turn out quite so perfect. Well it does matter to us. It matters hugely – It might only be a week, 10 days or a fortnight’s holiday but it gives a lifetime of memories.
We're looking for adventures and memories that will fill us with wonder

Memories that we will treasure for ever. Memories that our children will look back on throughout their lives. We want them to experiences places and people and wonders that they will want to one day tell their children about in future. Unforgettable, beautiful, wonderful memories.
So we are pleased that Simpson Travel focus on “you” (or “U”) first and foremost. The U is so important that it came up again and again at Simpson Travel in the form of the words Unique, Unspoilt and perhaps most importantly for us... Unforgettable.   

We’ve made a little video to show just how important our unforgettable memories are for us.

One last word, in case all that wasn’t enough to excite and inspire us about Simpson Travel, we were blown away by the good causes that they support. It’s something we’ve always believed in whether it has been the children living in poverty that we’ve sponsored over the years, giving to other causes close to our hearts like JIA and Autism, or simply helping others in their time of need by giving a little help towards their groceries or towards healthcare costs or equipment when it has been most needed. So it makes us all the more happy when we can take our custom to other organisations who believe in giving back too.

A few of our holiday memories - Memories to treasure forever. 


  1. Good luck with this Rebecca, you guys deserve it x

    1. ah thanks Rachael - We're certainly crossing our fingers for this! x

  2. What a lovely post, your photos are fantastic. Simpson travel sound really good, like you we are a family of five and it's always a struggle to fit us in and keep us together. We also have other issues and I believe that Simpson Travel seem like the place to go to find out the answers to all my questions. Good luck with becoming an ambassador, I think you would be perfect.

    1. Thanks so much Anne for your kind words. Yes they are certainly somewhere we'll be looking into in future years too. x


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