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Autumn in Amsterdam - Day 2

Written on Monday 24th October 

I guess this is technically day 1 as yesterday was mainly just travelling to get here but let's just name this day 2 as day 1 already gota blog post of its own. 

Now when I say there is loads to do in Amsterdam I am not kidding.  There must be the most museums in the world here as well as lots of other sights and attractions and things to do. 

One of the things we'd decided to definitely do was the NEMOScience museum. To give an idea of what it's like, think of our own science museum'slaunch pad section (now called Wonderlab) - you know the interactive hands on part of the museum that kids love - well NEMO was ALL like that. A massive hands-on-having-fun-kind-of-museum spread over a whopping 5 floors.

We grabbed some hotdogs when the kids got hungry but then found much more variety in the restaurant on the top floor. This restaurant is also open to the public so have made a mental note to try it out another day if we find ourselves in that area at lunchtime.  

Roof of the NEMO museum
The kids love NEMO but were keen not to miss out on a swim today so it was back to the hotel for a dip in the pool.

For ease, dinner was once again at the fashion hotel restaurant. What creatures of habit we are as I opted for the risotto again, Miss T for fish and J for a burger. 

The dutch apple pie is exceptionally nice here (warm with lots of currants and nuts in) so 3 of us ordered that for dessert this evening.  

Again service was slow so it was past everyone's bedtimes by the time we'd finished eating.  

So far really enjoying Amsterdam and looking forward to what adventures the day will hold for us tomorrow. 

P.S. it is cold here at this time of year so wrap up warm! 


  1. That apple pie looks really good. I quite fancy a trip to Amsterdam so looking forward to the rest of your posts x

    1. we ate apple pies wherever we went to find the best one and that one was it! Warm and tasting with the nuts, sultanas and spices in it. x

  2. Sounds awesome, I never think of Amsterdam when Playing holidays with the family. I think it sounds like it would make an amazing short break :)

  3. Ohh what a nice trip fr half term, we really must do some city trips with the kids, so easy from here if we get our act together! Mich x

    1. We've grown to really love our city breaks and our bucket list of places to go gets ever longer!


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