> The Beesley Buzz: Making the invisible visible with Yo-Kai Watch

Making the invisible visible with Yo-Kai Watch

We were so excited to have reviewed the Yo-Kai Watch game when it launched for the Nintendo 3DS earlier in the year. If you've never heard of Yo-Kai before, you can read about them in our original review here or on the Nintendo website here.
Meeting Jibanyan
In summary, Yo-Kai are mysterious, mischievous little beings that are all around us. They are invisible unless you use a magical Yo-Kai Watch to 'see' them.

As big fans of the Yo-Kai watch game, we are mega excited to hear that two new game titles are due to launch in 2017. The new games are set to have an even greater variety of Yo-Kai, improved strategy elements and a new multiplayer mode where up to four players can team up to play.

Whilst my kids were introduced to Yo-Kai Watch (which is already a huge phenomenon in Japan) via the Nintendo game, the great thing about Yo-Kai Watch is that is appeals to non-gamers too.

We were invited to a Yo-Kai Watch family fun day to find out more.

The Yo-Kai Watch show ranks really highly on Cartoon Network and Yo-Kai Watch Season 2 is planned to be broadcast in the UK to coincide with the launch of the game.

Even if TV is not your thing, there is more including an app and toys...

The new toy range from Hasbro includes a new watch, new medal mystery bags, collectable figures and trading cards which are all coming in 2017.

The watch toy recognises the 200+ medals and plays one of the 8 tribe songs, character name and sometimes a character phrase. A medallium collection book will also be available where kids can collect and store their Yo-Kai Watch medals.

We got to have a sneak peak at some other merchandise and a monthly Yo-Kai mag will be launching next April too.

So it really is exciting times in the world of Yo-Kai Watch, I know we can't wait until 2017 to see the Yo-Kai phenomenon take off in a really big way.

Learning the Yo-Kai dance moves!

Wearing our Yo-Kai Watches
We really enjoyed our day of ice cream and popcorn, of treasure hunts and dancing, of facepaints and fun and getting to find out more about Nate, Jibanyan, Whisper and the others! Thanks so much for inviting us Nintendo.


  1. Oh how lovely, we're huge fans of Yo-Kai Watch in our house. I even know the dance, lol xx

    1. oh that's brilliant - i have to admit that the dance was new to me! The kids soon got the hang of it though. x

  2. What a great day. We are big fans of Yokai Watch too, the kids all have a watch and we've all got into the habit that when something goes wrong or someone is in a mood then someone will say 'it must be a Yokai.'

    1. Yes i think the Yokai have been causing mischeif here for me today! D broke his wrist and has spent the night in hospital to get it sorted. x


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