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My Shabby Chic Vintage Inspired Tea Shed

I try not to have too many regrets in life, but here are two. When we moved into our house 14 years ago, there were not 1, but 2 sheds in the garden. I can only think that we were young and stupid as we rapidly demolished them both. We didn't have children back then and didn't have any immediate plans to have kids so we found ourselves with ample space in the house and garage and had no need for a shed.

Or so we thought. Fast forward 14 years and space is at a premium. We've already extended the house once and still find there's never enough space for us and three kids with all the 'stuff' that they seem to accumulate.

I find myself desperate for a space of my own. Somewhere to hide away and be able to just sit, and read and perhaps have a cup of tea without constant disturbance and disruption. In recent years, I've discovered the joy of baking as a way to unwind and escape so my perfect secret shed would be a place to enjoy tea and cake.

But more than that it would be decorated in my dream style perfect for afternoon tea with a shabby-chic vintage inspired theme to it. Think lots of pretty pastel bunting, Royal Albert cups and cakestands, deliberately distressed furniture, and just lots of pretty things around. The kind of items I'd like to have in my home but there's never enough space to have because of all the children's things taking priority inside the house.

My drawing above gives a little sneak peek into some of the things that might be found in my secret dream shed, but as my drawings leave a lot to be desired, I thought a pinterest board would do the job better:

Follow Rebecca's board Vintage / Shabby-Chic Tea room Shed inspiration on Pinterest.

And there is a very definite colour scheme I have in mind, that vintage shade of green, the off-white furniture and pretty pastel pinks and creams. Again another pinterest board, this time to demonstrate the feel of the colours I have in mind:

Follow Rebecca's board Colour schemes on Pinterest.

For the shed itself, I know I'd need to look no futher than Tiger Sheds and their huge selection ranging from garden sheds, to summerhouses, to log cabins to playhouses and more.

This is my entry into The Ana Mum Diary competition with Tiger Sheds to style my dream secret shed. 

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