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My DIY Confession

There is a blogger challenge running at the moment at PolesDirect.com. They are encouraging bloggers to not be ashamed of their DIY disasters and to share them with the hashtag #DIYConfession.

Well here's mine. I tried to save money on my leather repair! When we got our sofa's, one of them had a bit of the leather that looked a bit different from the rest. We'd had a nightmare with the delivery slots and the delivery guys had stayed on late that day to make the delivery, so even though I spotted this odd looking part of the sofa, I was too embarrassed to ask them to exchange it. I thought it was just the grain of the leather looking different and so thought we could live with that.

But very soon after, this happened:

The sofa got a hole in it!

That odd looking patch of leather was actually a weakness in the leather and so that's why it tore so easily and so soon after getting the sofas.

We looked into professional repairs and found it was likely to cost in the region of £200 to get it fixed. Well the whole sofa hadn't cost much more than that so there was no way I was prepared to pay out that much.

There had to be a cheaper solution!

So I went online, as there is usually a DIY solution to most jobs around the house. Sure enough I found a product that claimed to repair broken leather and holes in leather. The before and after photos were incredible - You couldn't even see where the repair had been done. Just what I needed.

It cost a mere £10. Absolute bargain I thought and hit the checkout button on the website.

When the product arrived I set to work 'repairing' the sofa. Following the instructions very precisely.

Et voila!

Nothing like the photos I'd seen online. A VERY obvious patch where I had done the so called 'repair', a total colour mismatch and an utter disaster!

But that wasn't the worst of it. Look what happens when someone sits on that part of the sofa...


“This is my entry for my DIY confession to Polesdirect.com’s ‘Changing Attitudes and Values DIY Blogger Challenge.'’


  1. Ah, yes, not the best place to have some brown stuff!! I wonder why didn't you go back to the sofa company and ask for a replacement or refund? Did you try? So glad this post won you that iPad! You deserve it after the big Savvy Bloggers project. S

    1. We did contact them but not straight away because we just thought it was odd looking grain in the leather rather than a weakness which would then become a hole. Especially because they had a delivery mix up so I didn't want to upset the delivery guys by rejecting the sofa straight away. By the time it became a hole they said we should have contacted them straight away. thanks for your kind comments. x


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