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Mini blackcurrant muffins (no sugar recipe)

After our recent strawberry picking trip didn't exactly go to plan (they'd run out of strawberries), me and Miss T had picked some black currants and gooseberries instead.

Miss T loved eating the gooseberries - they were sweet and tasty - but the tart taste of the blackcurrants proved too sour. 

So we decided to throw them into mini muffins along with a mashed banana and a little honey for sweetness. We didn't need to add any sugar at all! 

Here's the recipe (this makes around 10 mini muffins)
50g blackcurrants
60g self raising flour
60g margarine or butter
1 banana -mashed
Squeeze of honey
1 egg

1. Simply mix all the ingredients together well adding the blackcurrants in last.

2. Dollop into small cake cases.

3. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for around 12-15 minutes until cooked through (you can check with a skewer, if no mixture sticks to the skewer, the cakes are cooked.)

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  1. I was only thinking the other day that we should have a go at some muffins. Miss T's muffins do look rather yummy, I love the oozing blackberries.

    1. they turned out just right thankfully considering it was all a bit of an experiment. x

  2. They look yummy and I love the zero sugar aspect too :)


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