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'Good chefs experiment. Bad chefs don't'

Ok so it turns out that I am incapable of leaving this blog alone for a while whilst we focus on our Nectar Savvy blog. We've written more about what we've been up to in this blog post here, please do pop over and take a look.

When D decided to make sausage rolls this evening, I just knew I had to link up with Raisie Bay's Kids in the Kitchen. 

He actually did a video recipe blog post for his Easy Peasy Sausage rolls way back in January 2013 and we used video recipe to remind ourselves how to make them.

I was amazed watching his video because he was only 6 years old at the time and he really is brilliant!!! He looked through some of his other blog posts too this evening and said 'mummy, even though some of these are really good - no-one has commented', so if anyone is able to pop over to The Brilliant Chef and leave a comment on any of his posts, it really would mean a lot to him. He's an 8 year old kid who loves to cook and he is always delighted when he finds someone's commented on his blog.

Back to the sausage rolls. We had just got started when the phone rang and it was a friend that I had not spoken to for literally years. D just got on with the sausage rolls himself and when I came off the phone I found:

He had put sausagemeat in all the pieces of pastry not allowing for the part that becomes the top half of the sausage roll. So I said that we'll just try wrapping each piece around and there will just be less pastry than usual for the meat and that it might not work but we'd try.

To which D replies 'Good chefs experiment. Bad chefs don't'. I loved that quote so much that I'm going to remember it as a bit of a kitchen motto for myself as I am often worried about things going wrong when I cook.

Anyway, the sausage rolls turned out perfect!

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  1. wow, those sausage rolls did turn out looking just perfect. We love sausage rolls in our house, but we've not made them ourselves yet...better do something about that! I love D's motto, that's brilliant and so true. Thanks for linking up again x

    1. thank you. I was pleased they did turn out well for him and so proud that he did almost everything by himself! x

  2. They look so scrummy, I want one!

  3. Well done, D! Those look so good, and I do love that quote, too :)

  4. Wow, what a great job he has done! I love his quote, so true. You should get that framed

    1. thanks Emma - he does have the best advice when it comes to cooking! x

  5. those sausage rolls look lush!!! xx


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