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Mumsnet Beauty Round Up - my top tip

I'm not a beauty blogger and I rarely get time to 'beautify' myself in any way in the mornings, but when I saw this linky over on mumsnet looking for top tips about products in your cosmetics bag that could be made to work a little harder, I just had to give a mention to the most unlikely of candidates: Lansinoh nipple cream!
In all fairness, although the packaging does feature a logo of mother and baby, the product description simply says "for cracked skin" rather than saying nipple cream. In reality though, it is best known for coming to the rescue for us mums at those toe-curling painful moments of establishing breastfeeding and to help combat bitten nipples once baby's teeth emerge.

Even though I am still breastfeeding morning and evening, I find I very rarely need to use Lansinoh these days for that purpose. So stuck with a good couple of tubes left that I didn't want to go to waste, I have discovered a huge number of fantastic uses for it.

And because it is such a 'pure' product (after all baby can feed without having to remove the cream first), it can be used on babies, children, hubby as well as on me.

So what are these miracle uses? Well think Vaseline. All those tips and tricks we use Vaseline for, Lansinoh seems to be able to do all that and more. A little really goes a long way, so a tube of it will last absolutely ages.

We have used it on feet when they are really dry and cracked, on my son's eczema when his skin has been really sore, as a nappy rash cream on baby, but as a 'beauty' product it acts as the most amazing hand cream protecting hands from drying out and keeping them looking and feeling really soft and supple.

If your skin feels dry after swimming, then a little Lansinoh rubbed into your skin beforehand makes you feel almost waterproof and really protects your skin from those chemicals used in the swimming pool!

It keeps lips soft and supple - again like a miracle lip balm and helps protect any little cuts or grazes, giving them a chance to heal.

Like Vaseline, it can keep eyebrows in place (in comparison to this stuff, Vaseline seems like the poor relation though).

Use it on cuticles when applying nail polish to stop the polish 'bleeding' into the surrounding skin.

And if you have a favourite outfit that has a scratchy neckline or label that chaffs on your skin, then this product will come to the rescue, protecting your skin so that you can go to the ball.

This post is linking up with the Mumsnet Beauty round-up linky in conjunction with Get Lippy. One lucky poster will be selected at random to win £100 to spend at Space NK. So if you have any top beauty tips, why not pop over and join in!

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