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Sandcastles and Mountains...

...that was the debate we were having in the family over what to call this fantastic egg meal. There was no argument about eating it (including all the veggies!) as it looked so exciting and was such great fun to put together. But no-one could agree whether you ended up with an egg topped 'mountain' or 'sandcastle'. Either way, the kids still stuck a mini-flag on top and got stuck into eating it.

What I absolutely love about this recipe is that the egg is totally celebrated. It takes centre-stage in this meal. The whole meal is about showing off the egg. The egg is the centre-piece and just looks amazing sat on top of the pile of lovely vegetables and rice.

This simple-to-prepare main meal also covers so many of those important food groups in one meal. The egg provides the protein, there are plenty of vegetables in there, and the rice provides the carbohydrate. It can also be made in a really seasonal way using veg that is in season thereby reducing those food miles.

The other thing I really love is that I don't end up having to guesstimate portion size and work out how much to serve. Using the bowl helps create the perfect sized portions for each person and allowing one egg each makes it really straightforward too.

Here are the ingredients:
Rice (allow 75g per person). I use a cup to measure it as one cupful makes the perfect amount for every two people.
Eggs - 1 egg per person.
1 tablespoon of cornflour
200ml water
A little rapeseed oil for frying the vegetables
3 tablespoons of light soy sauce
2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar
Chopped chives
Vegetables - you can use any vegetables suitable for stir frying. Ideally use seasonal veg. Here's what we used:
Carrots, courgettes, spring onion, mushrooms (shitake mushrooms have a great flavour for this meal), chard (pak-choi would be the ideal choice but we used chard to make it more seasonal at this time of year).

1. Cook the rice according to pack instructions.
2. Finely slice all of the vegetables and lightly fry in a little rapeseed oil.

You can use a peeler for making thin slices of vegetables if you find it easier than cutting fine strips. This way, the kids can even get involved in the cooking as it is much safer for them to use a peeler. Here's Daniel demonstrating how to do this:

3. Add in chopped garlic (feel free to substitute garlic paste or powder if you need to. I keep some frozen cloves of garlic so that I always have some to hand).

4. Mix together the water and the tablespoon of cornflour and pour into your vegetables. This gives them that glossy look and will help them keep a good shape when you come to the mountain / sandcastle stage!

5. Add in the soy sauce and vinegar.

6. For the eggs, heat a little rapeseed oil in a frying pan and break in one egg per person. Add a sprinkle of chopped chives on top of the yolk area. Then turn the egg over carefully to lightly cook the other side too.

Ideally try not to overcook the egg so that it remains slightly runny in the yolk. (However for babies, elderly or pregnant women, it is generally recommended that you DO make sure the egg is thoroughly cooked.)

Then time for the grand finale. Simply pop one of the eggs (sunny side down) in a cereal bowl, add a layer of the vegetables, followed by a layer of the rice to bring it level to the top of the bowl. Gently press down, pop a plate on top and carefully turn over. Then lift off the cereal bowl and watch everyone's faces amazed at your culinary skills!

Here's our little video demo to show you how:

This meal is so versatile that makes an ideal family meal as it incorporates a fun element in the way the final presentation is done to make your egg 'sandcastle' or 'mountain', or it can make an eggs-ellent centre-piece for a dinner party wowing your guests at your skill of having created that perfect egg mountain, or is it a sandcastle?

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  1. Really fun and creative. Commenting for BritMums

    1. thanks Kate / Britmums. We had great fun making it! xxx


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