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Wot so funee? - J get's his own back

Wot So Funee?
This week's Actually Mummy's Wot so funee blog hop is being hosted over at Mummy Never Sleeps and here we are joining in with J by my side as I type this as he wanted to be involved...
You may recall Daniel's piece of homeschool work where he told us that he found his brother annoying. Well J seems to want to get his own back and he decided to write this:

My family
First up: Daniel. Daniel is my brother and he is super annoying. He allways trys to fight me. My mum is crazy about comping.* She is very mad. My dad is a bit crazy but not lots. He has a bit of grey hair.

My baby sister is very cute. She poops loads and she first smiled at me.

Now into the computer. My monster is called T. Daniel's monster is called N. My mum's monster is called P. My dad's monster is called W. My mum and dad's monster are half dead.

*She has some grey hair.


Well that's what J thinks of us then! Complete with asterisk about my grey hair - which is virtually non-existent. He is probably referring to the panic I had when I recently found ONE grey hair. Note: ONE SINGLE grey hair not 'some'!!!

Oh and before we get reported for neglecting anyone or anything - the monsters he refers to are our online moshi monsters who we used to look after very well before baby Trin came along but I do have to admit that my monster sadly hasn't been fed for over 10 months.


  1. Fabulous, J obviously has the entire family sussed. This must have livened up conversation in the staff room that day!

    1. the boys are both homeschooled so that sort of makes it worse (for me) as they knew mum was going to see what they had written!!! x

  2. This is brilliant! Love the grey hair bit ;)And I was getting slightly worried about those monsters!! Ha x

    1. thanks - They grey hair really isn't true - promise!

  3. Brilliant, made me laugh out loud. Bless J, it's hilarious what they come out with :)

  4. ahem. You have your own Moshi Monsters? You have way too much time on your hands! Come and answer all my emails immediately then I an play with my own Poppet! ;)

    1. my poor poppet monster hasn't been very well looked after since baby T arrived but when i was pregnant i used to love doing the daily challenge and messaging my kids on there. xxx


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