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The Perfect Elf - Center Parcs Tots 100 Challenge

We've been on a search for a Christmas Elf that's perfect,
I suppose you've come to hear the verdict.
An Elf that is perfect in everyway,
'Is that even possible?' I hear you say.

Elves get their moment of fame in December,
Their year-round hard work is seldom remembered.
Spring, Summer and Autumn they make preparations,
So that we can enjoy Christmas celebrations.

And when Winter is finally here,
The elves spread their joy and festive cheer.

Festive food and festive treats,
Are an Elf's most favourite thing to eat.
Home-made mince-pies like Daniel's recipe here.
(Which can be changed to jam tarts for the rest of the year.)

Elves know how to make houses of gingerbread and spice,
(and yes it did taste scrumdeliciously nice!)

Elves like to laugh and tell the very best jokes.
(They learn the best ones from Joshua - but don't tell their folks).

They love a good Christmas sing-a-long,
To the latest Christmas craze,
When you've seen this video,
It'll leave you in a daze.

So all those things that you knew before,
Making toys, wrapping gifts, and lots, lots more.
Yes, they are all jobs that good elves do.
(Did you know Elves can even make shoes too?)

They tell stories, sing songs and decorate trees,
and spread the magic of Christmas so that all will believe.

They help Santa get ready, polish his sleigh,
So that children everywhere know 'he's on his way!'
The magic of Christmas, the promise of snow,
Santa's sleigh flying over houses below.

What should an Elf look like? What should an Elf wear?
Do they have pointy ears and curls in their hair?
Everyone seems to have their own idea,
As you can see in this video here...

Elves are magical creatures, there's no doubt about that.
But you're not born an Elf (that's a little known fact).

Learning Elf magic,

Loving the snow,

Eating mince pies, whilst the mulled wine flows.

It's not always easy, but there are things you can learn,
And a place in Santa's heart, you surely will earn.
With kindness, love and lots of care,
Be helpful and true and try to be fair.
Be joyful and happy and always consider others.
(Reminds me of another species commonly known as 'mothers').

Try to be welcoming and give lots of smiles,
(far more important than wearing latest Elf hat-styles).

So that was the challenge to find the perfect Elf.
Do you already know one?
Could it be yoursELF?

This is our entry into the Tots100 Center Parcs Challenge for December to write a festive poem about the perfect Elf. November's entry was our 'Dragon Defeater' waterslide and can be seen here.
Find out more about Center Parcs winter wonderland here, or if you are feeling festive and want to write about your perfect elf, join in with the fun here.


  1. What a great post, leyla - thisdayilove

  2. Brilliant, I love it! Good luck with the competition x

    1. thanks Anne - we really enjoyed doing this months challenge. x

  3. Oh that so sweet. Good luck :) Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary)

  4. Excellent poem! Loved it. Well done :-)

    Reminds me of when I took my Teen Boy (my WiiBoy then)to Lapland when he was about 7. We went to Elf School there, and he still remembers the magic words!!

    Happy New Year to you :-)

    xx Jazzy

    1. wow that sounds amazing Jazzygal. How fab that he still remembers the words - must have been such a magical experience for him. xxx

  5. What a great poem - I love the way you mixed the photos and video in too :).

  6. what a fab post..love the elf picture and that ginger bread house looks yummy


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